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"Rolling Thunder, Life Inside an Outlaw Motorcycle Club" is a gripping story that gives an inside view of one of Americas last secret societies, the outlaw motorcycle club. Using hand held and surveillance camera footage, the movie follows a couple as they become entrapped by the dangerous politics of the 1% MC world. The Holly tells us “this is not a movie, this is real” as the film started as a documentary and ended up becoming a cautionary tale on par with any good Hollywood crime-drama. 


Rolling Thunder follows the experiences of Jay and Holly as they become involved with the SOB’s MC, a small, independent motorcycle club in Florida. When Holly takes up a hobby as a documentary film maker, Jay decides to get a motorcycle. After meeting up with an old friend who rides with the SOB’s, Jay begins to hang out with the club. Holly gets permission to film the club (with restrictions) and sets out to make a documentary about the MC subculture while Jay slowly gets drawn in.


Filmed over an 8-month period, the drama kicks into high gear as soon as Jay and Holly start hanging out with the club. They ride, drink and party, but eventually realize that their lives are in grave danger and that there is no way out.


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